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Sound Engineer

Sound Engineer

Tony's engineering chops are considerable, from audiophile pristine reproduction to gritty, huge rock sounds. His amalgamation of rich analogue signal path, vintage mics and analogue tape with the latest in digital tools means rich, deep, smooth sound that never interferes with the creative process.



Tony is equally at home mixing on large format analogue consoles, in-the-box, or in his own hybrid home setup. His blend of traditional analogue signal path and modern digital workflow ensures the best tools are married with the right job.

Music Producer

Music Producer

Artists often look to Tony's leadership to gently guide their project to achieve their vision. His ethos is to make the record the artist wants to make; not to dictate, but to facilitate.



A classically trained pianist and guitarist, Tony often performs as session musician both on his own records and for external clients, and he loves to co-write with the artists he produces.



Alongside his busy studio schedule, Tony is a teaching fellow at his prestigious alma mater, The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts. He lectures in Sound Recording, Production, Digital Audio, Live Sound Reinforcement and Theory of Sound.


I’ve always had a knack for music. When I was three, I would sit at the piano and plink away at it instead of getting ready for school. At five I began piano lessons and at eleven I was gigging with my own jazz trio (as well as arguing with my brother about who got to play air-bass on ‘Another One Bites The Dust’).

In my early teens I spent a number of days in recording studios for various projects. I was mesmerised by them. Why does the engineer need all these buttons? Why are they seemingly speaking in codes of numbers and letters and ratios? Why is this door a foot thick?

At fifteen I decided to find out for myself and began recording my own songs. Then I started recording other people’s songs. I went to school for it, convinced a local venue owner to let me do the sound and record gigs, then went to university to study it. I assisted at local recording studios for free between lectures and gained work experience with industry heavyweights like Alan Moulder and Mike Crossey. Then I graduated, and people started paying me to record their songs.

Not a lot has changed since. I’m still that same kid that’s passionate about music, songs and sonics. I live for the studio, for amazing sound, for unstoppable grooves, for emotion that pours out of the speakers. I’m here to make records.

  • Gold Award, Justice Collective “He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother” – 400, 000 sold, UK Christmas #1
  • Won: The 17th Independent Music Awards 2019 (The Billy Joel Songbook)
  • Won: Studio of the Year (Parr Street Studios), 2012 Liverpool Music Awards
  • Nominated: Audio Pro International Rising Star Award 2012
  • Won: Sennheiser Student Achievement Award 2010

News & Current Projects



Production, recording and mix

Tony is currently producing, recording and mixing for Belgian rising star LeWis. Their debut single 'Mathilda' has streamed over 100,000 in the last 6 months. LeWis is signed to Starman Records.

Elio Pace presents Elvis

Elio Pace presents Elvis

Live DVD/CD mix

After the success of the critically-acclaimed Billy Joel Songbook DVD that he mixed in 2018, Tony has just finished mixing Elio's new Elvis DVD/CD with Steve Rushton on drums. Elio is signed to Rosa Records.

Peter Perrett

Peter Perrett

Album mix

Tony has just finishing mixing an album for Peter Perrett, his second album since returning to music. Peter is signed to Domino Records. The album was recorded at Snap Studios, London and produced by Jamie Perrett.

+ Discography Continued

Year Artist Name of Record Role 
2015 The Weave Knowledge Porridge Co-producer, Engineer, Mix
2015 Alive In Theory Unconditional Co-writer, Producer, Engineer, Mix
2015 Rival Bones You Know Who You Are Producer, Engineer, Mix
2015 Gonzalla Upcoming single Engineer
2015 Soho Riots Large Producer, Engineer, Mix
2015 For Everly The City of Townsville Producer, Engineer
2015 Lillyum What’s Your Story Producer, Engineer, Mix
2015 I See Rivers Loved Ones Producer, Engineer, Mix
2015 Radiolane Here Comes The Rain Again Producer, Engineer, Mix
2015 Viktor Nordberg Upcoming album Engineer
2015 Rosenblume All Through The Fire, All Through The Rain Mix
2015 Helena Johnson Take Me Home Tonight Engineer, Mix
2015 Ingrid Frosland Oh Oslo/We’ll Never Know Engineer, Mix
2015 Polar Picnic Upcoming album Co-producer, Engineer, Mix
2015 Kalandra Upcoming album Producer, Engineer
2015 Operation Lightfoot Solfall Mastering



2014 Big City Soul Collective Liverpool Heart (single) Engineer, Mix
2014 Natalie McCool Wind Blows Harder [Thumpers Remix] Mastering
2014 Natalie McCool Dig It Out [Remix] Mastering
2014 Kalandra Across The Sea Mix
2014 Arc Light My Evil Need/Fail Reset Producer, Engineer, Mix, Bass
2014 Jogeir Daae Mæland Frozen Moments Mix
2014 The Jokers Upcoming album Assistant Engineer
2014 Keven Eknes Falls Mix
2014 Iselin Honningsvåg Oliver/Out Here/I’m Not Yours/Temporary Friend Engineer, Mix
2014 For Everly Under The Bed Producer, Engineer, Mix
2014 Jogeir Daae Mæland There They Lie/There Is Still Time/Into The Abyss Engineer, Mix
2014 Tethers The Great Escape Engineer, Mix
2014 The Branco Heist Monkey Make Noise Mastering
2014 Cloud Pleasure 101/Gin & Wine/Waking Up Producer, Engineer, Mix
2014 Nora Konstanse Wonder/The Dance/I Will Find Producer, Engineer, Mix
2014 Elephantom Parallax/Crossing The Threshold/Another’s Eyes Mix
2014 Aspen Home Castles In The Sky/The Waiting Game Engineer, Mix
2014 Ingrid Frosland Dare To Believe/Walking Backwards Producer, Engineer, Mix
2014 Kalandra Rest Your Soul/Onto The Fire Producer, Engineer, Mix
2014 ManGetOut Capitulate Producer, Engineer, Mix
2014 Rosh Singles Mix
2014 Shrinking Minds Faces On The Wall/Sense Mix
2014 Liam McClair Alchemy/Honest/Mary/Someday Mastering



2013 The David Mayfield Parade Good Man Down Partial Mix
2013 Olwyn Murray Falling In Love Again/This Fight/Wanna See You Again Engineer, Mix
2013 Kalandra Sell Your Voice/Not Some Fairytale Engineer, Mix
2013 Ro Barret Alter Ego Engineer, Mix, Piano
2013 Dallas Mile Texas Rain/Another Day Engineer, Mix
2013 Doppelgänger Murder of Crows Producer, Engineer, Mix
2013 Ozmo Double Trouble Engineer, Mix
2013 Aspen Home Talk About It Engineer, Mix
2013 Hedda Aronssen Look Before You Leap Engineer, Mix
2013 Ingrid Frosland Taking You With Me/You Said Producer, Engineer, Mix
2013 Liam McClair Spend Time Mastering
2013 Playground Rehearsing Mix
2013 Synne Eileen & The Sunbeams [You Are Not] Invincible Producer, Engineer, Mix
2013 Trine Hartz Beautiful Mistake/I Know You/Pride/Roses Engineer, Mix
2013 The Wretched Pearls One Note/The Monkey Song/The Cherry Tree/Ba Um Song Producer, Engineer, Mix
2013 James Wyatt Charlotte/The Winter Mastering
2013 Kid Rita Vultures Mix
2013 John Witherspoon Lavender Engineer, Mix
2013 At Any Time Through With It Engineer, Mix



2012 The Justice Collective He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother Engineer
2012 Anathema Album demos Engineer
2012 The Weave The Weave Engineer, Mix
2012 Arc Light Arc Light Producer, Engineer, Mix
2012 Deaf Club Moving Still Engineer, Mix
2012 Danny Cavanagh I Will Always Be There Engineer, Mix
2012 Ingrid Frosland Last Hope Sound/Walk Engineer, Mix
2012 Nora Konstanse We Are/Falling Engineer, Mix
2012 Always The Quiet Ones Drought/Ghost In The Filament Producer, Engineer, Mix
2012 Wired Goliath Album Engineer, Mix
2012 Doppelgänger Hate The Things You Love Producer, Engineer, Mix
2012 Highfields Waste of Space/Back This Way Engineer, Mix
2012 John Witherspoon Dreamers/The Secret Mastering
2012 Léon Pearce Talk To Me Mastering
2012 Michael Collins Back To You/Feels Like Home Engineer, Mix
2012 At Any Time Void Producer, Engineer, Mix
2012 Synne Eileen & The Sunbeams Closet/Yo Dove, You Filthy Bird Engineer, Mix
2012 Synne Eileen & The Sunbeams Ko-Koo/Kind of Perfect/My Will Be Done/So Typical Mix
2012 The Verdict The Same Mistakes Engineer, Mix



2011 The Dirty Rivers Give Me The Money Mix
2011 Always The Quiet Ones Freakshow Producer, Engineer, Mix
2011 Doppelgänger White Mourning Sun Producer, Engineer, Mix
2011 Pteropilot EP Engineer, Mix
2011 The Bright Kicks EP Engineer, Mix
2011 Thomas J Speight The River/Far Away/Together Or Alone/A Different Light Engineer, Mix
2011 Buggy Nhakente Live @ The Third Degree Mix
2011 I, Volatile The Violence Mix
2011 Joe Kenny Self Portrait Engineer, Mix



2010 Property of Nadya Shanab El Mahrousa Mastering
2010 Constructors Collective Constructors Collective Producer, Engineer, Mix
2010 Fables Staying Afloat Producer, Engineer, Mix
2010 Better Fires {Secrets} Engineer, Mix
2010 Stian Rafto & The Small Movement Sense The Sound – Experience The Colours Partial Mix
2010 SHIM SHIM Engineer, Mix, Lead Guitar
2010 At Any Time Pieces Engineer, Mix



2009 Kate Threlfall Put Your Money Where You Mouth Is Engineer, Mix
2009 Anne-Grete Helgheim Trains Producer, Engineer, Mix, Piano
2009 Guro Vikingstad Time Additional engineering
2009 Electric Free Time Machine Mystery With Hermit Foil Mastering

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